Ubuntu Linux 14.04 64 Bit Operating System Install Live Bootable DVD

Ubuntu Linux 14.04 64 Bit Operating System Install Live Bootable DVD

Vendor: uacomputers
SKU: ub140464123
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
david kenyon
Great Product

A few pounds to sort my laptop how good is that ; thanks dave

barry soley
very quick delivery and nice help

used software to clear a bug from my daughters old XP computer without loosing photos . have run into a problem with clearance by windows . poor phone line , and was told XP no longer supported. surely all they had to do was give me a code . I have note tried again yet. but software was fine.

Kadhum Jafar
fast delivery A++

sorted out my computer, unbelievable A+++

Matt Hegarty
Very good service

The disk for the software arrived promptly and worked. No problems.

anthony tavinor
Excellent Product very happy

Well explained website. Good prices. Great guarantee offer. Best of all the repair disk worked exactly as described and repaired the computer, avoiding a visit to a repair shop. They are good with communication and follow up. I will use the company again and recommend to friends.

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